With the ability to act deep within the dermis, the New Face Endermologie is the first and only technology in the world scientifically proven to increase the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 80% to leave a glowing complexion, with fine lines smoothed and plumped and puffiness and dark circles eliminated. Targeting and naturally stimulating fibroblasts and fat cells, collagen production is also boosted by 23% and the natural synthesis of elastic fibres, increased by 46%, dramatically improving the skin’s suppleness.

A 100% natural solution to firm, tighten and re-sculpt the face, neck, hands and décolleté in only a matter of weeks.

Classic or Express Programmes

Anti-aging complete treatments

Anti-aging replumping treatment (35 min.)

Harmonizes facial volumes, restores skin density and fills in lines and wrinkles from within – £70.00

Course of 10 treatments – £630.00

Anti-aging firming treatment (35 min.)

Restores skin suppleness and elasticity thanks to its firming action for a true lifting effect – £70.00

Course of 10 treatments – £630.00

Anti-aging resculpting treatment (35 min.)

Resculpts the face and double chin and firms the skin for redefined facial contours – £70.00

Course of 10 treatments – £630.00

Décolleté & bust treatment (25 min.)

Redensifies tissues in-depth, fills in wrinkles and firms the skin for a redensified and smoothed décolleté – £50.00

Course of 10 treatments – £450.00

Detox treatment (25 min.)

Stimulates toxin elimination by re-oxygenating the skin for a unified and radiant complexion – £50.00

Course of 10 treatments – £450.00

Glow treatment (20 min.)

Gently exfoliates, restarts microcirculation for a unified complexion and extra skin luminosity – £40.00

Total eye treatment (25 min.)

Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffs, fills in eye contour wrinkles and opens up the eyelids for a wide awake look – £50.00

Course of 10 treatments – £450.00

Eye and lip treatment (20 min.)

Fills in eye contour and mouth area wrinkles, for opened up eyes and fuller lips – £40.00

Courses of treatments is highly recommended. Treatment programmes are individual. Prices by quotation.

New 15 Minute Targeted Treatments

Target the area of your choice with a quick and highly effective treatment:

Forehead / Eye circles & puffs / Eye anti-wrinkle / Mouth area & Jaw line / Double chin / Neck / Décolleté / Hands

15 minute treatment – £30.00

Course of 10 treatments – £270.00

Your endermologie® programme

For even GREATER results, continue the applications at home! Each ENDERMOLOGIE session combines pleasure with effectiveness. LPG® cosmetics’ application supplements the treatment program for maximal results.> Synergy of highly concentrated active ingredients > Originating from biotechnology> Scientifically proven results > Paraben-free

NEW Cellular Regeneration Treatment

Includes: 30 min machine treatment on face + 10 minutes hands treatment, peeling, collagen mask, total eye care. Selected LPG skin care depending of type of aging, New Cellular regeneration serum.

1hr 15mins £120.00 minimum

Course recommended / Price on quotation

The new Endermologie Cellular Regeneration treatment proposes an ecological approach to anti-aging by interacting simultaneously on the fibroblast, skin youth architect and on its environment


The skin sometimes has trouble eliminating the billions of toxic substances accumulated daily. These substances asphyxiate the epidermis and clog the vital mechanism of the cells, accelerating the apparition of aging signs.

Inspired by the principles of acupuncture, the new Endermologie® Cellular Regeneration treatment targets the organs responsible for elimination to accelerate the skin’s detoxification.

RESULTS: purified and oxygenated, it leaves the skin velvety, the complexion is clarified and regains its natural glow.


The treatment solicits the youth cells for a rapid reactivation of the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis processes.

RESULTS: awakened, the skin regains its firmness, elasticity and volume. After one session, wrinkles are smoothed.


After an intense fitness session, the application of LPG® Post-Treatment Collagen Mask will be a relaxing stage for the skin. Finally the application of the new Anti-aging Renewal Serum stimulates the fibroblast through targeted nutrition.

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