Sienna x Spray Tanning

Gone are the days of the orange, uneven tans, as sienna X spray tanning now gives a gorgeous, natural looking tan without the inherent dangers of skin damage that can result from over exposure to UVA/B rays, letting you look stunningly tanned all year round.

  • Quick – takes just 15 minutes
  • Safe – no UVA/UVB to damage your skin
  • So natural looking – different strengths to suit your skin type
  • Good for you – no wrinkles just nourishing/moisturising ingredients
  • High Profile – top shows love sienna X
  • Confidence boosting – you’ll love the way it makes you feel

Full body spray tan – £29.00

We ask you to exfoliate the day before your sienna X tan. Please do not wax or shave 24 hours before your treatment. On the day of your tanning treatment, please wear loose dark clothing and avoid the use of deodorant, moisturiser and perfume.

Spa Body Treatments

The following treatment have been designed to detoxify the body, de-stress the mind and revitalise your skin..

Perfect Back

A facial for your back. Let our therapists treat the area that is hard to reach, your skin will be treated to a gentle exfoliation and treatment masque, followed by a European massage that will help ease tension and stimulate your body.

50 minutes – £60.00


Swedish Body Massage

This new treatment uses aromatherapy associates essential oils to release tension held in every part of the body. Leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged. Stress and strains are dissolved away.

Back, Neck and Shoulder – 25 minutes £35.00

Full Body – 50 minutes £60.00


By placing the warmed stones over acupressure points that will help release the flow of energy and promote the body’s own healing process. The warmth from the specially designed stones will smooth away any aches and pains. Your therapist will use a combination of massage techniques best suited to your needs.

Benefits include;

  • Improvement of muscular aches
  • Promotes better blood flow
  • Release toxins

Back, Neck and Shoulder – 25 minutes £35.00

Full Body – 50 minutes £60.00

Head Massage

Believe it or not, you store a lot of stress in your scalp and facial muscles. This aromatherapy treatment focuses not only on bringing a heightened state of relaxation on your entire body, it also provides vital nutrients and conditions your hair and scalp. Please note that oils will be used in the hair.

Benefits include;

  • Relief from pain and stiffness in the muscles of the face, neck, upper back, and shoulders.
  • Increased mobility of the neck joints
  • Renewed Energy
  • Reduction of depression, anxiety, and other stress-related issues
  • Sound, restful sleep that leaves you refreshed.
  • Stronger immune system.

20 minutes – £35.00

New CACI ECM – Electro Cellulite Massage (30 Minutes)

Give an instant lift, shape and tone to your buttocks and thigh area. This treatment improves the appearance of cellulite and breaks down fatty deposits. It stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage which will help to flush toxins away giving a smoother, tighter and dimple free appearance . This treatment is ideal for pre-holiday body blitz.

ECM is also a wonderful deep sports massage to soothe tired achy muscles, stimulate the circulation. It will give your body renewed, unstoppable energy. A total body workout.

Single treatment £42.00

Course of 12 treatments £450

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